Sales and distribution network

WIZZCAR was asked by a large overseas market leader in the Collision repair Industry to establish a sales and distribution network of independent resellers in Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Russia, India, Turkey and Australia.

Within 1 year WIZZCAR created a dedicated network and started selling through these channels. Double digit million USD per year.

Connecting with OEMS

WIZZCAR got the exclusive assignment from one of the top leading estimation software providers to align them with the top 5 European car manufacturers. This in order to ensure access to technical vehicle data.

R&D / Automotive

WIZZCAR was in the position to open doors at some major car manufacturers in order to start the process of testing new Techno regarding reducing fuel and emissions.

Confidential assignments

With respect to our clients interests WIZZCAR is constantly working on hidden programs for launching new initiatives into the Automotive market.

Crash testing

WIZZCAR introduced TNO crash testing to many European car manufacturers. Including Euro NCAP.


WIZZCAR assisted in background information regarding mergers and acquisitions regarding technical vehicle data.

Asian project

WIZZCAR established a profitable distribution network of an Asian producer of capital Automotive equipment.



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